5 Fabulous Tips from the ‘Just WordPress’ Workshop

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I was very fortunate to secure a place at the coveted ‘Just WordPress Workshop’ organised by the guys at WordPress Users Wales  at the Village Hotel in Cardiff on Sat 9th Nov 2013.

The speakers were all very inspirational and creative peeps, but the top tips that I just have to share with Mooki customers are as follows:

Blogging improves your SEO

I am always harping on about the benefit of having a blog/news page on your website and Alessio Bernadelli @Collaborat_Ed spoke about his journey up the Google rankings.  Write about what is happening currently, update it regularly, make sure it is useful and creative and engage where you can with the best in your field, share and explore news, views and information.  It WILL have a positive effect on your search engine rankings.

Put down your crayons and find your identity first!

Russell Britton @brandnatter has worked for many years in the field of Branding and Identity.  His message was to put down the crayons, don’t whizz through the creation of your site before you know who you are and why you are different.  Your BRAND is what people think of when they think of you.  A brand is not a logo, it is not visuals and it is not a product or service.  A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a promise made by a product, service or organisation.

Why are you Different?

People have so much to choose from and not enough time to pick over the various options available to them.  What makes you different? Most offerings out there have similar qualities and features, but as humans we are hardwired to notice what is different, so go on, Discover your Difference!

Show your Personality

The inspiring Andrea Morgan @rightmoveaddict spoke of her blogging journey and made a point that I believe is true in all forms of online communication whether on your blog or on the pages of your website . . . . and that is to let your personality flow through.  We are emotional beings, we don’t want just facts fed through to us, we want to feel emotions and to relate to a person.  So, if you are a middle aged, overweight Cardiff City fan, show us a picture on your website, your audience will love you for it!

Focus on your Beautiful Content

Finally, the animated Joel Hughes @Joel_Hughes spoke about his experience as a successful web designer and made the point that clients really need to think about the content of their websites, before racing ahead with organising the design with the likes of us web designers.  The text and images should reflect the brand and messages the client wishes to get through . . . . if this ain’t no good, no amount of whizzy design skills can help you.

So long before you share you hard earned cash paying for a website, put together the best content possible . . . . . . . and let us handle the rest!