Responsive is the ONLY way

Posted By on Feb 24, 2015 | 0 comments

With most people now performing searches on smartphones and tablets as well as or instead of their PC/Laptop, having a website that works across multiple platforms is a must in 2015.

A ‘Responsive’ website means that is has been designed and coded so that the pages reformat to display all the content on whatever size device the users may be using. ┬áThis is with a minimum of scrolling and panning to display the content.

Despite this fact, statistics show that less than 20% of websites have caught up with these changes in consumer behaviour.  Therefore by having a responsive website, you will already be ahead of most of the competition.

If you’re not convinced already, here are 5 more reasons:

  • Provides a better online user experience
  • Use of smartphones/tablets will only increase.
  • Google announced that having a responsive website will improve your SEO
  • Increased load time on mobile devices
  • Lower bounce rate